Jury tells BMW to pay man $600k for messing up his credit & refusing to fix it

You know how big business likes to screw you and then tell you to piss off
when you complain, laughing about the whole thing, treating you like last week’s tuna sandwich? Well, BMW, yes that BMW, the self-proclaimed maker of the Ultimate Driving Machine, did that to someone just like you. The good news is there’s a happy ending for the little guy. Here’s the story.

Seungtae Kim, a hard-working guy, had his identity stolen. The person who
stole his identity did what any self-respecting thief does: He used Seungtae’s
personal information to finance a BMW for himself.

Seungtae explained the situation to BMW, and asked BMW to do the right thing by chasing the thief for its money, and fixing Seungtae’s credit, which BMW had hurt when the thief didn’t pay! BMW told Seungtae to take a hike, so Seungtae took a hike to the office of a lawyer who handles Fair Credit Reporting Act cases.

At trial, BMW said they shouldn’t have to pay Seungtae anything because the evidence “overwhelmingly showed” he had somehow authorized the thief to buy the BMW in his name, and he’d never proved that BMW messed with his credit. The jury unanimously said “seriously?” and ordered BMW to pay Seungtae $600,000.00!

Could Seungtae have beaten BMW by himself? Of course not. That’s why he
got a lawyer.

If someone’s stolen your identity and now your credit’s screwed up, you need to speak with me about your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Contact Sam Rael right away!

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