Victim of Identity Theft?
Denied Credit, Employment, or Housing due to the credit bureaus?

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Errors on your Credit Report or Background Check can cost you big!

You're not alone. Millions of people have errors and can't get them fixed. In most cases, these errors are serious enough to lower your credit score. They can also keep you from being hired, or keep you from getting a mortgage, or renting an apartment. This growing problem now affects over 40 million Americans.

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We Solve Your Problems

We Solve Your Credit Problems

Often your Credit Report is loaded with ERRORS through no fault of your own. And the Credit Bureaus WON'T fix these errors like they're supposed to. When that happens, we can help you...

We Solve Your Identity Theft Problem

Identity theft is rampant in today's world. If you're a victim, the Credit Bureaus WON'T straighten it out for you... And in many cases, refuse to believe your side of the story. When this happens, we can help you...

We Solve Employment Problems

Can't get the job you deserve because of wrong information in your Background Check? This happens more than you can imagine. If this happens to you, the LAW says you're entitled to justice and restitution...

Meet Our Lead Attorney

C. Samuel Rael - Consumer Advocacy

Samuel Rael has an extensive, and unparalleled career spanning 45 years as a trial lawyer. Samuel skillfully leverages the power of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and believes in holding the credit companies accountable for their actions.

Sam Rael - Consumer Advocate Attorney

Credit Bureaus and Big Companies are not on your side!

Congress has put the power of the law in our hands. What the credit companies and big businesses are doing is not right. They ignore complaints and REFUSE to fix errors, even when you show them the proof. All we are asking them to do is follow the laws already on the books. It’s time we give them a wake-up call!


Our Law Firm

We hold Credit Bureaus and Big Companies accountable when they refuse to fix the errors THEY made.

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Our service is free to start. The Bureaus and Creditors have to pay our fees when we are successful. So obviously we work hard to win cases. We work just like how most personal injury cases work – on a contingency, except for filing fees.

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We have a Trump Card! The same top-class attorneys that represented the Credit Bureaus NOW work with our firm. So we know exactly how the bureaucracies try to defend, minimize, and delay. But now we go after them to defend YOU!

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