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Attorney Samuel Rael

Our lead attorney C. Samuel Rael at the Rael Law Firm, has an extensive, and unparalleled career spanning 45 years as a trial lawyer.
As a graduate of both the College of William and Mary and New York University (NYU), Samuel started his legal career working his way up with a distinguished attorney in Atlanta
Samuel later opened his own practice and garnered success with:
  • Jury verdicts on serious criminal matters: murder, armed robbery, aggravated child molestation, aggravated assault, drug trafficking and more.
  • A Federal Jury Trial regarding an International Contractual issue.
  • Federal Action stopped Day Loan Lender from overcharging.
  • Medical Malpractice award against Physician, judgment in the hundreds of thousands.
Notable Court decisions in Post-Convictions:
  • Motion for New Trial on Murder.
  • Habeas Corpus granted, resulting in immediate prison release.
  • Double Jeopardy granted on murder cases.
In outlying jurisdictions:
  • Houston, Texas on a racketeering jury trial.
  • Houston, Texas on a state criminal appeal.
  • New York, New York on a mafia trial Federal Court.
  • New Orleans, Louisiana, on. Multi kilo drug case.
  • North Carolina on a contested child custody.
  • Mississippi on a criminal recidivism matter.
  • Jacksonville, Naval Air Station, Florida for a Court Marshal representing a Naval Submariner.
  • Cincinnati, Ohio. Representing witnesses before a Federal Grand Jury
  • Chicago, Illinois for Federal criminal appeal.
While Samuel is passionate about being a lawyer, his accomplishments span many fields. He has produced two feature films with star-studded casts, he anticipates doing a television pilot for broadcast. Sam was also a former amateur boxer, professional pilot (Solo), professional scuba diver and skier. World traveler (Africa Middle East, Far East, South and Central America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe).
Some current and former notable associations that Samuel is a member of are: Former Screen Actors Guild (SAG), Equity. Mason, Scottish Rite Shriner and former member of the US Army Reserves – seven years activated once. Legal affiliations include: NACA, United States Supreme Court, Georgia Supreme Court, United States District Court, United States Court of Appeals 11th Circuit, United States Court of Appeals 7th Circuit, Georgia Court of Appeals.
C. Samuel Rael looks forward putting his expertise and experience to work for you and MAKE IT RIGHT!

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