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We Solve Credit Problems!

Often your Credit Report is loaded with errors or contains wrong information. When this happens, the Credit Bureaus WON’T fix these errors like they are supposed. To make matters worse, they often ignore your requests or take a long time to respond to you. In the meantime, these errors are compounded, and your credit ends up being ruined. It is truly a nightmare. None of this is your fault!

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) says the credit companies are breaking the LAW when they refuse to correct these issues. Which means YOU may be eligible for COMPENSATION. Contact our office today to find out more on how we can help you fix your credit.

Sam Rael - Consumer Advocate Attorney

Credit Bureaus and Big Companies are not on your side!

Congress has put the power of the law in our hands. What the credit companies and big businesses are doing is not right. They ignore complaints and REFUSE to fix errors, even when you show them the proof. All we are asking them to do is follow the laws already on the books. It’s time we give them a wake-up call!

Samuel Rael

We Solve Employment Problems!

Have you been denied employment, or fired from your job because of wrong information on your background check. If so, the LAW says you have been harmed, and deserve justice and financial restitution. Contact our Attorneys to see if you’re eligible.

We Solve Your Housing Problem!

Finally found your dream home or just need an affordable place to live, but errors on your Credit Report have disqualified you? This happens more than you can imagine. But the FCRA says errors like these are illegal if they’re NOT corrected by the Credit Bureaus. If this happened to you, talk to our Attorneys and let us take action.

We Solve Identity Theft Problems!

Identity theft is rampant in today’s world. If you’re a victim, the Credit Bureaus WON’T straighten it out for you… And in many cases, refuse to believe your side of the story. When this happens, the LAW makes the Credit Bureaus not only straighten your identity, but PAY YOU for any errors that are not fixed.

We Solve You Not Getting Insurance!

Did you know that even if your driving record is perfect, a low credit score, due to errors on your Credit Report can have you paying through the roof or even denied! Well not anymore! Finally someone is here to look out for you and get you compensation.

Get Help From Our Attorneys!

The Rael Law Firm is your ally in fighting back against the abusive tactics of the Credit Bureaus and Big Bureaucracies!